Proudly serving Central Ohio for 131 years


Our store is open Thursday and Friday, 8AM until 6PM and Saturday from 7AM until 1PM.  We strive to have the freshest possible selection of our products available for purchase.

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Sometimes, products become unavailable due to unforeseen demand.  You can call ahead to ensure availability. 

Also, we do not accept credit cards.

Please note that we are not allowed to ship our products.


We produce a full compliment of sausages every week.  Check out our bratwursts, smoked sausages or our summer sausages.

Sliced Meats

Many of our items can be sliced for you.

Smoked Meats

Our smokehouse is in operation almost everyday.  Albert personally selects the combinations of hard and fruit woods that will enhance our products.

Fresh Pork Items

We get deliveries from our supplier twice per week, allowing for the freshest, paper wrapped pork items.

More …

Our versatility doesn't stop with just pork and sausage.  We use our smokehouse and our product in many ways that keep you coming back for more.